We want you to feel at home!


HÚSRÚM is all about giving travelers the chance to stay at a well designed and cozy homes while exploring the wonders of Iceland.

"The first experience of offering our second home in Akureyri (the Boutique apartment) for foreign travelers was so pleasing that we wanted to expand. Now we have three "second homes" in three different locations to offer. Each property is fully equipped and decorated to make the stay as enjoyable as possible. We try to assist our guests the best we can by giving them detailed information in forehand and be responsive during their stay if needed. We love staying at these homes ourselves and we try to fit it into the schedule as often as we can. When we read some of the guests reviews where they say they wished they could have stayed longer ... we know exactly what they mean."  

Húsrúm is owned by the couple Rut and Kristinn. She is an interior designer and has been operating her own studio in Reykjavik (www.rutkara.is) for almost 20 years. All the homes offered by Húsrúm are designed and decorated by her. Her husband, Kristinn, takes care of all corresponance but also works as an independent marketing consultant. Previously Kristinn was in the book publishing field for more than 20 years. Both are crazy for design, houses and books! 

'Húsrúm' is an old Icelandic word for 'accommodation', made by combining the two words 'hús' (house) and 'rúm' (which both can mean 'space' and 'bed'). 

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