Boutique apartment details

  • The apartment accommodates up to 4 adults.
  • The home is fully furnished and includes e.g. SMEG refrigerator, dish-washer, washing machine and a dryer, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, vacuum cleaner and a hair-dryer.
  • Linens, towels and bathrobes are provided.
  • One bathroom with shower.
  • Free standing bathtub in master bedroom.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Nespresso coffee machine, a milk-frother and some coffee capsules are provided.
  • In the cabinet you should also find a French coffee press, cream whisker, pots and pans.
  • You are welcome to use all spices, oils, coffee and other things that you can find in the kitchen for your cooking.
  • Extra supplies of candles, light bulbs, kitchen paper etc.
Last modification: Tue 8 Aug 2017

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